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Overcoming Pain and Understanding Hope: A Self-care Journey

When I set out on my mental health journey, I had no idea that it would be this…complicated.  There are millions of blogs, videos, and books to help …

Sit and Think

Have you ever wondered how someone can just sit and think? And what are they thinking about? And if it’s worth doing?

The importance of establishing healthy habits in order to feel your best

How do you feel about your routine? Do the days, weeks and months slip by without any sense of progress or accomplishment? Does it seem like every day …

How To Reduce the Potential For Isolation: A Freelance’s Guide to Mental Wellbeing

The digital age has enabled a level of autonomy never seen before. Freelance work is at an all-time high, and remote workers are on the rise. But what …

We’re All on the Island of Misfit Toys

Misfit toys aren’t broken. They’re just different, but that doesn’t make them broken or wrong.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Ways of Debunking Impostor Syndrome

Disclaimer: Mental health will be talked about as a topic. I am not a mental health professional, these are only my opinions and personal experiences I am sharing. …

What to Do When Someone Doesn’t Believe in You (Or You Don’t Believe In Yourself)

Have you ever just known that someone doesn’t believe in you? You most definitely are not the only one, trust me.  With the fallout of last year’s chaos, …

Weekly Wellness Checklist

Dowload our checklist of what you need to be happy and healthy and productive.

Color My Heart Orange

Color My Heart Orange – a collaborative and community-focused project – is the first in a series of mindfully focused coloring books by Big Orange Heart.

Now Available 

An illustrated image of three internal pages from the book Color My Heart Orange