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Why Mixed Emotions are OK

Whatever you're feeling after an event, it's OK. And confusion about the swirling seemingly opposing emotions is OK, too. Mixed emotions are OK.
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How The Spoon Theory Can Help With Communication

Spoon Theory is a concept created by a woman named Christine Miserandino in 2003. It is a simple but powerful way of describing the limited energy and resources ...

WordFest Live Rescheduled to December 16

The entire WordFest team of organizers and volunteers is excited to be actively planning for the next WordFest live this year. We do regret to inform you that, ...

Remote Work: the Surprising Effects on Wellbeing

Working from home may have some drawbacks, but the benefits far outweigh any negativity. This post looks at finding the good in remote work.

10+ Practical Tips for Actually Getting Through Work-from-Home Stress

Work from home stress can be super difficult to deal with, but here are practical tips from a qualified expert and the GoDaddy team.

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Times of Grief as a Business Owner

Yesterday I sat with a family member, listening and comforting, as they planned their funeral. This family member has a diagnosis that has given them an estimated timeline for the remainder of their life – weeks. As they sat there talking, knowing they fully understood all they spoke about, I ...

WordFest Live 2022 – Call For Speakers Now Open

What have you learned? What do you know? What do you want to share with the global WordPress community? Share your knowledge with the world at Big Orange Heart’s next WordFest Live, a 24-hour online, global conference focused on WordPress, wellbeing, and remote workers – held March 4th 2022. Submit ...

Announcing WordFest Live 2022

2022 is fast approaching and with it the next WordFest Live! Big Orange Heart and the WordFest Live volunteers kick off another global tour of the WordPress community… March 4, 2022 Save the date and register your interest to get all of the fun and education out of this global ...

Call for Sponsors – Support Big Orange Heart In 2022

The Big Orange Heart Foundation has a mission to support and promote positive wellbeing and mental health within remote working communities.   As a registered US non-profit, to deliver on this mission, we need the support and generosity of both the general public making donations and the business sector we work ...

Sit and Think

Have you ever wondered how someone can just sit and think? And what are they thinking about? And if it's worth doing?

The pressures we put on ourselves

When you’re a kid, it’s easy to do your best. You don’t have many pressures or expectations put on you. But as we grow up, the world starts putting pressure on us, and we start putting pressure on ourselves – from our parents, society, and friends… It can be hard ...

Recognising the signs of burnout

It is a myth that burnout only happens to people in certain jobs. In fact, burnout can happen to anyone who does any type of work, whether it’s in an office or from home. Burnout doesn’t just happen when you’re stressed and tired – it also happens when you feel ...

Networking whilst dealing with social anxiety

Social anxiety is a powerful force that can make it difficult to network. It’s something that we can all feel at one time or another, but for people with Social Anxiety Disorder, the fear of social situations can be debilitating. Social anxiety may be triggered by any type of social ...