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Why Mixed Emotions are OK

Whatever you're feeling after an event, it's OK. And confusion about the swirling seemingly opposing emotions is OK, too. Mixed emotions are OK.
artist with paint pallet wearing a beret

How The Spoon Theory Can Help With Communication

Spoon Theory is a concept created by a woman named Christine Miserandino in 2003. It is a simple but powerful way of describing the limited energy and resources ...

WordFest Live Rescheduled to December 16

The entire WordFest team of organizers and volunteers is excited to be actively planning for the next WordFest live this year. We do regret to inform you that, ...

Remote Work: the Surprising Effects on Wellbeing

Working from home may have some drawbacks, but the benefits far outweigh any negativity. This post looks at finding the good in remote work.

10+ Practical Tips for Actually Getting Through Work-from-Home Stress

Work from home stress can be super difficult to deal with, but here are practical tips from a qualified expert and the GoDaddy team.

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Speaker Spotlight 10: The Lineup is Set

Here we are! We’ve reached the end of our marathon of speaker introductions. With these last five additions, the lineup for the WordFest Live stage is set!! Join us July 23, for our 24-hour globe-spanning festival celebrating all that is WordPress and hear from Matt MedeirosTracy AppsDan MabyJoe HowardChris Lema ...

Using Weglot on our Website to Help Attendees

Making a website accessible to people all over the world by adding multiple languages is vital if you’re running events for the global WordPress community, like here at WordFest Live.  There are an estimated 64 million websites currently using WordPress. That means the community is built from literally hundreds of ...

Meet Our Community Partners

We’re so grateful to these communities from around the globe partnering with us for our July 23 WordFest Live. Our Community Partners are groups of WordPressers, like meetups, not associated with businesses, who are actively delivering regular events. Thanks to their help, we’re able to get as many different groups ...

Speaker Spotlight 9: The Marathon Continues

Take a look at who’s making up the ninth round of our speaker introduction marathon. See who’s getting ready to take the WordFest Live stage! Join us July 23, for our 24-hour globe-spanning festival celebrating all that is WordPress to hear from: Thomas FanchinEmily HunklerThabo TswanaJoe CasabonaPooja DerashriAditya Kane Get ...