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Remote Work: the Surprising Effects on Wellbeing


82% of remote workers confirm a lower stress level when working from home. (PGI Report)

Working from home may have some drawbacks, but the benefits far outweigh any negativity.

Like most things in life, there are undoubtedly pros and some potential cons for mental wellbeing when working from home. So let us start with the benefits! 

The first and most important one is – remote work’s direct impact on reducing personal stress. Let’s face it: commuting isn’t much fun, especially during high traffic hours. No one likes being helplessly stuck in traffic seeing the time passing by or worrying about just how late you will be and whether you will be able to attend a meeting on time. It’s not how we prefer to start our work day.

On the other hand, while we work from home, we get to see the kids off to school, take a morning walk, or hit the gym in the morning. Then you just settle into your home office to start your day. Sounds much more comfortable, doesn’t it?

No need for special mention, but remote work gives much more control to employees to plan their day(s). It cuts out the commute and enables them to have more-or-less total flexibility. 

Other exciting benefits of remote work are,

  • eating healthier food, 
  • more sleep, 
  • less opportunity to become sick, and
  • No additional expenses like fuel costs and parking fees

Indeed, working remotely isn’t for everyone. People can feel isolated, have communication gaps, and sometimes feel less appreciated. 

To overcome remote work obstacles, consider some of the following, and consciously establish a culture of celebration.

  • Celebrate, through online fun events, work anniversaries, birthdays, crack jokes on slack channel(one which we have dedicated for fun only) and many more such things.
  • Contribute, to the WordPress community by organizing contribution days and society through our Education Scholarship program & other charity drives. 
  • Appreciate, by special call-outs in our monthly newsletter and slack channels
  • Reward, be it a project performance or individual performance bonus, rewarding the employee & company’s association – we do not miss to reward. 
  • Grow, technically or soft skills-wise – we make sure, we grow together! 

Remote work, effectively makes workers much happie and increases their job satisfaction level. 

Post contributed by Multidots, who has a 100% remote team.

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