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Weglot Partners with WordFest Live


We’re excited to announce that Weglot has partnered with WordFest Live and will feature across the live event on July 23, 2021. 

Introducing Weglot

Weglot is one of the best WordPress multilingual plugins to translate and display your website in multiple languages. It provides a fast first layer of automated translation which you can easily edit yourself or by adding teammates, or collaborate with pro-translators through the Weglot dashboard.

Trusted by more than 50,000 website owners and developers and with a 5-star rating on the WordPress directory (1000+ reviews) – you can have a multilingual website up and running in minutes. 

Key benefits include:

  • Simple and quick set-upMultilingual SEO best practices (translated URLs & metadata)
  • Compatibility with any Themes and Plugins (incl. WooCommerce)
  • Automatic and human translations
  • A unique dashboard with an ‘in context editor’, easily edit translations & invite teammates to collaborate on projects
  • Expert support: a fully dedicated technical support team at your disposal

Learn More About Weglot

We chatted with Thomas Fanchin from Weglot to find out what excited them about partnering with WordFest Live. First, we asked why reaching out to the remote working community is important to Weglot?

Thomas shared:

Last year we experienced a big transition from supporting physical events to online events, and we expressed our thoughts during the first WordFest Live 2021.

We kept on supporting new virtual initiatives, creating great resources (thanks to the best content team in the world), got more webinars online and received a lot of positive feedback from remote working communities. 

Reaching out to the remote working community is an extension of our DNA: supporting the community (events such as WordFest) and providing the best tool possible to help business owners translate their website and connect with their audience in their own language.

Next we wondered if they have anything new or coming up that he wants to share with us, and Thomas mentioned:

One of the things we’re thrilled about is being named an official WordPress VIP technology partner this year. You can learn more about it from our blog article in which our CEO Augustin Prot shares his thoughts on the matter.

Make sure to find Weglot during the event and swing by the Games Tent to see what all they have planned!! Until then, follow them on social media and send them a “Thank you!” for sponsoring!

WordFest Live will feature speakers, partners, and attendees from across the globe. 

Become part of the worldwide celebration now. Check out the schedule and register for your free ticket. Partner with us as a sponsor. Share the news with your friends. Together we can have some fun!  

What excites you about WordFest Live?  Let us know in the comments below. 

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