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When the Going Gets Tough


It’s OK to not be OK.

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When the going gets tough we have a myriad of options available to us. We don’t have to act tough, try to be tough, or be or do anything that we’re not. We don’t have to pretend or put extra pressure on ourselves that could end up being our undoing.

We have options. Depending on what is happening, the options may be different, but include:

  • Taking a step back to choose our next move.
  • Asking for help from those who can support us.
  • Taking time for self care.
  • Taking time to grieve.
  • Changing course or direction.
  • Procrastinating.
  • Delegating.
  • Building a team.

Remember, feeling alone and being alone don’t have to be the same thing. It’s more than OK to ask for help, delegate some of the tough things to team members who are more ready to tackle the issues, and even step back or change course entirely.

Remember that you are worth more than anything thrown at you.

Today’s Thought

It’s OK to not be tough. So don’t be tough on yourself.

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