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Light Reading for the Heavy Heart: I Am Enough

Last Updated on 26th August 2020


“I am not the best. I don’t have to be. I am enough.”

Luvie Ajayi

Every day we are bombarded with images, movies, ideas, and thoughts of what we should be, when what we are is truly all we need to be. 

From childhood we are taught that to be valuable we need to fulfill what other people see as our “potential.” It’s true that we all have incredible potential within us, but by the time we are old enough to choose for ourselves where we want to spend our time, and how we want to develop our talents, it’s no longer necessary to live up to other peoples’ expectations. In order to truly have value, we need to recognize within ourselves what that value is.

This sets the course for how others value us. Your self worth will dictate how others value you, too. Other people can have opinions, but your opinion is the one that matters for you.

Reflect on who you are. Reflect on who you want to grow to be. Set your course to fulfill your own chosen path.

You are enough.

Today’s Thought

I am enough. I don’t have to be what I’m not, or what others think I should be. I am enough.

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