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Light Reading for the Heavy Heart: I Know Who I Am


“I know who I am, by the nobility of my friends, the gentleness of their faces, the glory of their spears and shields. I am related to saints and kings, a monarch at some faraway court and a scribe in some monastery read about my origin from ancient books.”

Desanka Maksimovic

Do we wonder who we are? Sometimes it is hard – especially in life’s many transitions. How about your friends?

Everyone faces transitions in life. Everyone changes friends. We gain and lose friends as we walk our paths in life. The sum total of your heritage can be your friendship, the author suggests.

Transitional relationships can come with grief and questions. What happens when your playgroup changes or you move to a new city? How about when you change jobs? Lose a spouse? Start working from home?

Who are you when you are no longer a wife? Are you less? Perish the thought! Are you different because you don’t have a corporate job? Yes. But are you unworthy? No.

Surround yourself with peers who lift you up. Peers who become more than acquaintances. Peers who become friends. True friends. The kind of friends that are family. Those to whom you share your soul. Those to whom you look to to see “the gentleness of their faces” as Desanka Maksimovic says.

Today’s Thought

I am the summary of the past. My origin matters. My path matters. My friends lift me up and I lift them up. We are one in our fight to thrive, not just survive.

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