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Small things to make a positive change #2 – Physical Health


How often do we not do small things, brushing them aside as ineffective and not worth those few minutes, or even allowing ourselves that short amount of time because we are so focused on what we’re doing, and then something else comes along and the “small thing” is forgotten? Well, we should allow that time, it is important, and you are worth the small thing.

Physical health is not something I give enough attention, almost having given up somewhat, being an older, disabled woman. And that is nonsense, quite frankly. I’d love to be more mobile – losing weight will help that regardless of the state of my spine, and I am then likely to feel happier in myself. And while I’m here of course I want to feel the best I can; some of this is within my control. So, let’s start some small things…

Something I keep thinking of is to set an alarm to action the following each hour:

  • Go to the kitchen and drink a glass of water.
  • Put on a favourite song and dance while waiting for the kettle to boil.
  • Step outside, if that’s an option, and just breathe in the (hopefully) fresh air for a few minutes. Pull up one weed while I’m out there. Just one.
  • Stretch (gently)
  • Do n+1 press-ups against the wall (where n starts at 1) per Jonathan Wold’s Tiny Habits.

Doing each of these things, once an hour or so, is so doable that it’s easy to dismiss the idea, but what if we actually do them anyway, or just some, or three times daily. What would that look like for our physical health? Let’s see…

Photo by Ken Treloar on Unsplash

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