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The WordPress Community Mental Health & Well-being Survey 2019

Last Updated on 26th August 2020


Our last year

Throughout 2018; 28 volunteers donated 3,302 hours of their time to help Big Orange Heart deliver 792 hours of mentorship and companionship to members of the WordPress community, while 925 community members registered to attend a Big Orange Heart event. On the 24th August 2018 Big Orange Heart was granted charitable status and in early 2019 GreenGeeks and WPMU DEV helped deliver our first round of funding to enable the team to move to the next level of support.

Complete the WordPress Community Mental Health and Well-being Survey 2019

WordPress Community Mental Health & Well-being Survey

The work carried out over the last twelve months has given us a deep insight into the issues of those we have interacted with. However when supporting a global community, we need to ensure a representative number of people and their experiences are included to truly deliver on our mission;

To support and promote positive mental health within the WordPress community.

Big Orange Heart Mission

We want to take a holistic view at the state of well-being and mental health within the WordPress community in general.  To accomplish this the first WordPress Community Mental Health & Well-Being Survey has been developed and you are now invited to take part.

With Big Orange Heart embracing the principles of open-source and transparency; the anonymous data collected via the survey will be open-sourced, enabling us to help deliver an overview of the current state of mental health and well-being within our community.

When you visit the survey you will be guided though three key sets of questions covering:

  • Your general work environment
  • Your general mental health & well-being
  • Your specific work related mental health & well-being

No identifiable data is stored during the process of completing the survey.

The WordPress Community Mental Health & Well-being Survey 2019 is the means by which we can understand where to invest our resources to deliver the greatest benefit to you and other community members.

Complete the WordPress Community Mental Health and Well-being Survey 2019

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