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Speaking at WordFest Live – Green Room


Hello there 

WordFest Live – March 4, 2022, is just over a week away and we wanted to let you know how you can prepare your tech for the event with our Speaker Green Room sessions.

As we want to ensure you have a positive experience through WordFest Live 2022 and this includes doing all we can to reduce technical challenges before the live event. To support this we will be running Green Room Sessions
starting on Monday 28 through to Wednesday 2 March at 09:30 UTC (check time in your timezone) and 21:30 UTC (check time in your timezone). We ask that all speakers join one of these sessions.

Access will be available for 20 minutes, and we expect the session to take no longer than 10 minutes. To join the Green Room please click on this link: https://www.wordfest.live/greenroom

On clicking the link your browser will open up a new tab and you will be let into the ‘Green Room’ area where we will test your camera, lighting and microphone and make sure you are happy and ready to start.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out either in Slack or email ([email protected]). We’re all looking forward to your talks next week!

Chris Wiegman
WordFest Live Speaker Deputy 🧡

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