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Speaking at WordFest Live – Final Details


Hey there}} 

You’ve done the work. The time is almost here, and we’re super excited to share your talk with the WordPress and remote work communities at WordFest Live!

Here are some final notes for WordFest Live – March 4, 2022.

Green Room Link: https://www.wordfest.live/greenroom

Please report to the Green Room ten minutes prior to the hour of your talk. Once there, the emcees will answer any final questions you have, as well as confirm the pronunciation of your name, the title of your talk, and any other details. They will then direct you to the correct stage for your talk.

If you’re not sure when your session is, refer to the WordFest Live site and find it on the Schedule.

Live talks will commence on the hour and you’ll be added to the live stream as you’re introduced by the emcees.

Recorded talks will commence on the hour, introduced by the emcees. As the recording of your talk completes we will direct you to the live Q&A on the stage. Here the emcee will share any questions that come in for you and give you time to answer them.

Following live Q&A, please feel free to join any of the tables in the Community Tents to receive congratulations from attendees and continue to answer any questions that others may have for you.

We truly appreciate your contribution to WordFest Live 2022 and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

Below you’ll find some additional information.

  • Help us get the word out! Like and share our posts on social media.
  • Use hashtag #WordFestLive when you’re posting so we see it, and feel free to tag Big Orange Heart!
  • Be sure you’re in the BOH Slack, too!

As always, reach out to me if you have any questions!

WordFest Live Speakers Team
WordFest Live 2022 🧡

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