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2022 Big Orange Heart Media Partners



Let me start by thanking you for the support you’ve given Big Orange Heart and WordFest. We would struggle without partners like you helping to shoulder the communication efforts of our small volunteer team.

We will be opening a public call for Media Partners, but I wanted to reach out to you first.

If you are interested in being a Media Partner for 2022, simply email me — [email protected] — and I’ll be able to transfer the information you provided last year. And of course we can work to edit that information if necessary.

Note, we are taking a new approach to Media Partnerships this coming year. What we’re asking, and giving, is laid out below.

What’s New

New for 2022, we are opening a call for Media Partners who are eager to help us share news and information related to all events happening across Big Orange Heart.

Along with both WordFest Live events (March 4 and September 9), Media Partners will also promote the additional events that we host on a monthly basis: 9 virtual events and 9 in-person events.

These twice-monthly, meetup-like events happen in the months around WordFest Live and give our Media Partners access to additional WordPress-focused topics and speakers that they can share with their communities.

We have simplified what we’re asking of our Media Partners so that they no longer need to be broken down into different categories: Media, Podcast, and Community.

We’re also offering to cross-promote events and information helpful to our Media Partners.

We will be setting up a form that allows you to submit something for us to share across the Big Orange Heart audience, and will be sending out a monthly update to help you share our information with your audience.

We believe this will help all involved with increased content to share with each of our communities and no need to reapply with each WordFest.

Who Qualifies

  • Media sources and podcasters who have an audience that they share WordPress news with on a regular basis
  • Communities, like WordPress meetups, that are unaffiliated with a business, and are willing to share our content

Benefits to You

  • Your name, logo, and site link listed as a Partner on the Big Orange Heart and WordFest Live websites
  • Announced across the Big Orange Heart social media channels as a Partner
  • Access to the marketing team for help obtaining information and resources
  • Access to available speakers – both WordFest Lives and the additional monthly events
  • Sneak peek at the virtual venue – http://big.ht/WordFestOverview
  • Promotion of your events and information across our community, provided it matches the Big Orange Heart mission

Your Responsibilities

  • Use your platforms to introduce your audiences to the mission of Big Orange Heart 
  • Promote ALL Big Orange Heart events within your community or audience prior to and on the day of the event, which includes:
    • 2 WordFest Lives
    • 9 virtual events
    • 9 in person events
  • Share any news related to or from ALL events that’s relevant to your audience
  • WordFest Live specifics
    • Share announcements
      • Open calls
      • Schedule
      • General event information that interests your community
    • Offer social media coverage before and during the event
  • Use the official hashtag
    • #WordFestLive

If this sounds like you and you’re excited about working with us, email me: [email protected]

Thank you again for all that you have done and continue to do to see our charity succeed. We couldn’t do it without you!

Cate DeRosia –
BOH Marketing Lead

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