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WordFest Speakers – Thank You! (And what to expect next)


First and foremost – thank you! Your stories, experience, expertise, and willingness to share inspired us all. We have received a lot of feedback within Slack and Twitter (and in one-to-one conversations) that attendees were impressed by the entire event. Thank you for contributing! The event was well attended and plenty of content consumed, we can share some initial stats for the 24 hours:

  • 2,522 unique visitors to the venue
  • 3,710 unique video viewers (excludes social views)
  • 2,759.5 hours of live video content consumed
  • 19,400 chat messages sent

WordFest Live is delivered live and recorded as we go through the event, in several long streams. Following the event, these need to be edited into your individual sessions.

Over the course of the next week, the team (led by Dan Maby) will “slice and dice” these streams into the individual sessions, with Q&A, that you presented. We will add captions and make sure that you and the talk description are all included in these individual videos. Once those are done they will be publicly available on our site library for the event. You will be able to see them each associated with your talk in the session list. (They are not there yet – give us until the end of the week, and then if something seems amiss, please do let us know.) You will be able to see them at https://www.wordfest.live/2022/march.

We will send out an email asking for feedback soon to all attendees, speakers, and volunteers. Your responses are appreciated.

With our gratitude,

The WordFest Team

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