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Speaking at WordFest Live – What To Expect


Hey there,

(sorry if this is your second time receiving this – email is not being our friend!)

WordFest Live is fast approaching and we want to provide an overview of your upcoming session. Below we outline the four different styles of the session and what’s required for each. Most sessions will be followed by a live questions and answers (Q&A) session.

Reminder: Please submit either your pre-recorded video or slides for your live session by tomorrow February, 11, at midnight UTC

Long-form Session

You will have 30 minutes to deliver either your live or pre-recorded session, this will be followed by a 10-minute live Q&A. We ask that both live and pre-recorded speakers be available for the live Q&A.

  • Talk: 30 minutes
  • Q&A: 10 minutes
  • Total: 40 minutes

Lightning Session

You will have a total of 15 minutes to deliver your live or pre-recorded session. You will be one of two sessions within the same one hour slot on the schedule. We ask that both live and pre-recorded speakers be available for a combined live 10-minute Q&A with the other speakers in your slot, following the final session within the same hour.

  • Talk: 15 minutes (x 2 talks within one session)
  • Q&A: 10 minutes
  • Total: 40 minutes

Community Interview

Community Interviews are a total of 15 minutes in length, delivered in a pre-recorded format. We ask that you make yourself available for a live Q&A held within the Community Tent immediately following the airing of your session.

  • Talk: 15 minutes
  • Q&A: variable
  • Total: 15 minutes

Wellness Session

Wellness Sessions are a total of 45 minutes in length. An optional Q&A will be held in the Community Tent immediately following your session, if appropriate.

  • Talk: 45 minutes
  • Q&A: variable
  • Total: 45 minutes

If you have any questions, please do reach out to the team. More details, including access links, and Green Room session timings will follow very shortly.

The WordFest Live Team 🧡

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