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Nexcess Supports Big Orange Heart

Last Updated on 3rd March 2022


We’re excited to announce that Nexcess has partnered with Big Orange Heart and will feature across all that we deliver throughout 2022.

Introducing Nexcess

Nexcess provides a fully managed, high-performance, and best-in-class cloud solution built to optimize WordPress and WooCommerce sites and stores. 

Their holistic, hands-on approach to managed products and solutions includes providing users with tools that help them create better websites and eCommerce stores along with expert, on-demand support. 

By removing the stress of managing the day-to-day operations of their site or store, Nexcess affords their customers the ability to PRESS forward and focus more on what inspires them.

Nexcess Global Sponsorship

As a Global sponsor, Nexcess is standing firm with Big Orange Heart and enabling us to deliver critical services, free of charge, into our community. Our mission to support and promote positive wellbeing and mental health within remote working communities has never been more critical. 

We look forward to working closely with Nexcess over the next twelve months to deliver events, training, and education to our community members. We’re proud to say we’ve had the pleasure to work with the Nexcess team for some time now and their enthusiasm and support for a healthy community is matched by their desire to deliver world-leading, fully managed, hosting services.

Please help us to thank Nexcess. You can expect to see the team at multiple Big Orange Heart events, including the upcoming WordFest Live – March 4, 2022

Thank you Nexcess! 

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