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24 Days of Heart: Fundraising at WordFest Live


In celebration of WordFest Live coming up in March, we’re excited to introduce: 24 Days of Heart!! 

24 Days of Heart is a community-driven campaign: 24 days of participating in daily prompts from the heart. Each day you’ll receive a word, phrase, or idea to play within your own life.

You might draw or create some art, you might move your body or sit quietly. You could write a note to yourself or to a friend. Maybe you’ll find a way to bring the prompt into your relationships. However it shows up for you, the prompts will encourage you to act from the heart, with intention, for 24 days.

When you sign up to participate in 24 Days of Heart, you pledge to commit to each daily prompt and to fundraising on behalf of Big Orange Heart and our mission to support and promote positive well-being and mental health within remote working communities.

Here’s how it works:

  • When you join this challenge you’re committing to 24 days of heartfelt connection: an opportunity to engage with daily prompts that will bring curiosity to your day. You might choose to engage with the prompt via self reflection or meditation, journaling, through physical activity, or by sharing some love with those close to you.
  • Each day we’ll share the prompt on social media and by email. We’ll provide some examples of how you could choose to engage with the prompt and we’ll encourage you to share your experience with us! Use hashtag #24DaysofHeart so we can all see how our community is participating in this challenge.

We invite you to the 24 Days of Heart Challenge! Here’s how to to join:

  1. Decide if you’d like to create a team of fellow fundraisers to join you, or if you’d rather go at it alone.Teams are great for families, groups of friends, and co-workers who want to fundraising towards the same goal and who will hold each other accountable to the daily prompts.
  2. Fill out your fundraising team and/or fundraising page with a profile image, a description as to why you’re choosing to participate in this challenge, and set a goal for your fundraising campaign.
  3. Once you create your fundraising page, share it with your community on social media and start talking about your goal in real life, too! The more folks we have participating in this challenge, the more we can spread intentional acts from the heart and raise more towards our fundraising goal.

The goal deadline for you to reach your campaign goal is March 3rd, the day before WordFest Live! This way we can celebrate your success at WordFest Live!

Our first day of the challenge starts TOMORROW! So, get your team and/or fundraising page created and reach out to us with any questions. We can’t wait to see you reach your goal! 

Join here: https://donate.bigorangeheart.org/campaign/24-days-of-heart/ 

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