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The 24,000 Steps to Mental Health Challenge


This WordFest Live, we’re inviting attendees to join us for a special challenge:  #24kStepstoMentalHealth, your chance to help raise funds for mental health by pledging to take a fixed number of steps.

We are asking WordFest attendees, WordPress enthusiasts, and supporters of mental health anywhere in the world to join us in taking not one, not two, but 24,000 steps to mental health. Yep, it’s a big number but we can do it together!

What’s Involved in the 24,000 Steps Challenge

There are two primary ways you can join:

  • 24,000 steps in the run up to WordFest Live
  • 24,000 steps in 24 hours on the day of the event – a cross-continent relay race where participants in groups of six will complete a total of 24,000 steps.

Pledge to run/walk/hula hoop a fixed number of steps totaling 24,000 by yourself or in a group on or before the big day.

(Not able to participate in physical activity like that? Come up with your own ideas. We have one group doing 24 days of artwork, and another person doing 24 days of mindful movement.)

Excited? Of course you are. And plan to spread the fun by sharing your journey with friends, colleagues, and the other WordFest participants!

Show what you’re doing by sending us a picture or video of yourself participating in the challenge and tag us on social media using the hashtags #24kStepsToMentalHealth, #WordFestLive and #BigOrangeHeart. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Pick Your 24,000 Steps Activity

Want to participate, but not sure steps are a good fit for you? Not a problem. Our creative fundraising team has a list of fun challenge options to consider. If you have your own idea, check with the fundraising team to see if they fit. 

As always, your personal welfare is of the highest importance. Please ensure you undertake this challenge in a safe environment, and follow local advice and restrictions concerning COVID at all times.

How Your 24,000 Steps Support Global Mental Health

As with all of WordFest Live, every dollar donated goes toward Big Orange Heart, enabling the charity to continue providing free mental health support to remote workers around the world.

Over 10,500 hours of free peer-focused and professional mental health support for remote working communities has been delivered so far, the cost of which averages $22 USD per hour. Read our transparency report to learn more.

Get Started on Your 24,000 Steps

Ready to go!?! Sign up for the 24,000 steps challenge now. Join the challenge and help make mental health accessible to remote workers everywhere!

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