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Registration is Now Open for the Next, Revamped WordFest Live


Can you believe it? It’s been four long months since the initial WordFest Live. Four months since you heard our great speakers. Four months since you hung out with your friends. Four months since you chatted with our awesome sponsors.

And now –TODAY — is your chance to get your ticket to do it again as registration for the July 23rd WordFest Live is now open!!!

That ticket is your totally FREE, all-access pass to our entire festival line up. Some things you’ll recognize from last time; some bring a whole new flair. You’ll still see engaging sessions from our speakers, festive offers from our sponsors, and a hopping community tent to hang out in.

However, we’ve also added:

  • A streamlined venue experience
  • A schedule divided into 4-hour blocks, one for each inhabited continent
  • Dedicated time to hang out with sponsors and friends alike
  • A photo booth
  • Live, people-generated captioning
  • Community conversations
  • And a games tent!

And yet, there’s more.

The sooner you register, the sooner you can join the Big Orange Heart Slack community where you can begin connecting with people from around the world before the event even opens. We like to think of it as a 2-month pre-party party.

Last, when you go to register, you’ll see the donation option. This volunteer-run event is 100% FREE, but all donations do go to help Big Orange Heart build resources to help support the wellbeing and mental wellness of remote workers like you. So if you’re able, please donate when you register. 

If you don’t want to donate, simply uncheck the Optional Donation in the purple box.

Pick what’s right for you, grab your ticket, and let’s get the festival started!!

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