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Help Spread the News: Become a WordFest Live 2021 Media Partner

Last Updated on 11th May 2021


Do you have a newsletter, podcast, or some other way you circulate news and announcements to a group of followers?

If so, apply here to join our Media Partners for the next WordFest Live, July 23.

Media Partners are asked to help our efforts by sharing a set of vital information about the event with their audiences — open calls, About Big Orange Heart, speaker announcements, and a post event wrap up — as well as share on social media prior to and day of the event. For this, they recieve early access to information, ability to talk to available speakers, a sneak peak at the venue, personal help, and visibility across the website and our social media platforms.

This time around we have space for up to 15 media partners. If you’re interested in joining us, read on to see benefits and responsibilities.

As with everything at WordFest Live Central, things move fast. This call closes on May 31. That gives you just 2 weeks to apply, so get yours in now!!

Any questions, email our Marketing Lead, Cate DeRosia, at [email protected]

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