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Watchful and Weglot Partner with WordFest Live 2021


We’re excited to announce that both Watchful and Weglot have partnered with WordFest Live 2021 and will feature across the live event January 22, 2021.

In case you’re unfamiliar with either company, allow us to introduce you.

Watchful is a free website maintenance dashboard. From backups to updates to reporting and more, you’ll be amazed at how much time you save managing and securing your websites with Watchful.

Weglot is a SaaS tech start-up that provides a simple process for businesses to turn their websites multilingual. They offer a fast, simple and user-friendly way to translate and display your translations without bothering your developers.

To learn even more about them we chatted with Victor Drover from Watchful and Thomas Fanchin from Weglot to find out what excited them about partnering with WordFest Live 2021. Here’s what they had to say: 

Why is reaching out to the remote working community important to your company?

Watchful’s Victor replied:

Watchful is a remote company that runs a remote site maintenance service: remote is in our DNA! We’re excited to meet folks with our shared experiences, to make some new friends, and to learn what has and has not worked for them in terms of delivering services to their clients.

From Weglot, Thomas answered:

There are 2 main reasons, specifics of tools for remote working people and feedback.

We believe remote working people are looking for easy-to-use tools avoiding back and forth communication with other team members for setting it up and getting the value. This goal and spirit is in Weglot’s DNA from day one, so we think it’s always great to meet demanding standards.

Online events are also a great way to get in touch with community members and get valuable feedback about our products and services. User feedback is the reason why we have such a great product so when the opportunity arises to get in touch with the community we love to jump on board.

How have you adapted to the virtual event environment? 

Victor states that for Watchful this is a new move:

WordFest will be our first true foray into the online event space. We’re excited to come out of our bubble a little bit.

For Weglot, Thomas comments that the political environment in France helped them prepare for this transition:

Adapting and being proactive, plus we have been “lucky” to experience a massive multiple months public transportation strike in France a few months before the lockdown. So even if we had not been a native remote organization, we rehearsed and made the switch before the actual lockdown happened.

All the team continued working together and we also managed to have off work moments with cooking classes or Pictionary Zooms together. Overall we’re lucky, it was not that hard.

For my day-to-day job, event and community partnerships, it’s been a bit more challenging. Supporting the community is in our DNA, so when the “switch” happened and most of the events went virtual, we kept supporting local/worldwide communities in every possible initiative. We have also tried to contribute to the new “virtual environment” from our own side too, creating webinars and providing great resources that we have distributed in our newsletter thanks to our awesome content team.

Finally, we got a sneak peek at what each company has been up to.

Victor was happy to share the new additions to Watchful’s Free and Premium tiers. The Free tier now fully supports — when using the Premium Plugin Updater — both GiveWP and Easy Digital Downloads.

“The premium plugin updater applies updates to paid plugins alongside free plugins by allowing users to enter their license codes in Watchful. Watchful now supports updates for nearly 200 premium plugins, and of course every plugin on the WordPress repository.”

On the Premium side, the Auto Update Scheduler allows clients more freedom to control their updates and, by using SMTP, client reports can now be sent from your own email address, allowing for a truly `white label` experience.

Thomas was excited to tell us about the results of Weglot’s Black Friday initiative:

This year we decided to donate 50% of all sales made during Black Friday and Cyber Monday to organizations helping those hit by the pandemic. We’re pleased to say we raised €20k+. You can read more about the results and the organizations we’ll be supporting here: https://blog.weglot.com/results-of-black-friday-and-cyber-monday-initiative/.

WordFest Live 2021 will feature speakers, partners, and attendees from across the globe. 

Become part of the worldwide celebration now. Register for your free ticket. Partner with us as a sponsor. Share the news with your friends. Together we can have some fun in 2021! 

What excites you about WordFest Live 2021?  Let us know in the comments below.

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