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More to Love: The Community Tent, The GoDaddy Pro Tent, and What’s Scheduled Inside Each


More to Love: The Community Tent, The GoDaddy Pro Tent, and What’s Scheduled Inside Each

Our sponsors have each come up with their own unique and creative lineup to add to the educational and festive atmosphere in the community tent.

And finding it is so simple!

When you login, you’ll be “standing” inside our Main Gate with the virtual festival laid out before you, represented by four squares, one for each region. Each square contains everything that’s available for the region:

  • All four stages
  • The community tent
  • The GoDaddy Pro tent

as well the word “Live” to indicate which region is currently active.

All you have to do is pick where you want to go, click the name, and you’re in. You can wander in and out of sessions and tents as much as you want without anyone knowing you left. 

Speaking of privacy, as you approach a table — found inside the tents — you’ll be able to see who’s there before choosing to join. Simply click the link to join, click the link to leave when you’re done, and if you want to spin up your own table with friends, you can do that, too.

If you’re looking to network, here’s where you’ll find our best iteration of the Hallway Track.

The community tent is open and constant across all four regions. In it, you’ll find the conversation tables as well as sponsors tables and events, much like a wordcamp or any other conference.

Similar to those other conferences, you can walk up to any of the tables and join, after seeing who’s there already, or decide to create your own conversations. Innovative global networking in action!

Now that you know a little more about how the tents and tables work, let’s get back to what our sponsors are putting IN them, starting where the festival kicks off with the Oceania region.


To kick us off, the Community tent is a little quieter leaving plenty of room to get a feel for the venue and reconnect with friends. Make sure to wander in and see what the sponsors are talking about at their tables, get personal help with any questions you have, and chat with any attendees there.

Who knows, you might make a new friend or find that business contact you’ve been looking for. Maybe both!

GoDaddy Pro, as a Global Partner, will also have events happening in their tent, kicking off in Oceania and running through all of the regions. Those will be listed below.


As we switch to Asia, Yoast and Elementor are hosting a variety of events. 


6:00 UTC – Elementor Secrets: Share your best tips & tricks
Our very own Elementor Expert, Roy Eyal, will share his best kept tips and tricks when creating an Elementor website. Come and share your own hacks, that really make your workflow and website standout.

9:00 UTC – Business Success for Web Creators discussion
Ben Pines, Head of Web Creator Program, will host an interactive session, that is all about goal settings and overcoming obstacles.  You are invited to share your business challenge, and together we will help you find creative solutions.

10:00 UTC – Q&A Session: All you need to know about v3.1
Join a live session with Elementor Editor Product Lead, Shilo Eish Yemini, talking about the upcoming Elementor v3.1.0. Get an inside look of the release process and what you should expect coming in the future.


5:00 UTC – Q&A session with Taco Verdonschot and Judith Terbeek-Arts: Everything about Yoast SEO plugins
If you have any questions, related to Yoast plugins, join this Q&A session and Taco with Judith will answer them all!

6:00 UTC – Bingo!
Join us at our virtual table and win amazing Yoast goodies – we promise to have more than 1 winner!”

7:00 UTC – Q&A session  with the Community Team about the Yoast Care fund
Have you heard about the Yoast Care fund? Join this Q&A to hear about our involvement in the WordPress community!

8:00 UTC – Yoast Quiz
The rules are simple – you answer as many questions as possible and you have a chance to win a nice Yoast prize. Let’s have fun, because without fun, Yoasters don’t enjoy their work!

9:00 UTC – Q&A session with Jono Alderson 
If you have questions about Site speed, AMP, digital marketing or anything related to SEO – join Jono at our Q&A session and he’ll make sure you’ll get your answers!

10:00 UTC – What’s in the box?
A fun game with easy rules – you ask the questions about what can be hidden in the box, we answer them with YES or NO. If you happen to guess what’s in the box – you get the prize!


Elementor stays around in the Community Tent to keep the good times rolling for the EMEA crowd.


14:00 UTC – Elementor Experts network – Find your match, collaborate with other Elementor web creators
Last year we launched Elementor’s Experts network to support Elementor web creators during the pandemic. More than ever Elementor experts enables you to showcase your work, get hired, and collaborate with fellow web creators. In this interactive session each member will present one strength that he/she can contribute to others, and one weakness where he/she feels he needs help with. Our very own, Verdi Heinz, Elementor Community Evangelist will help you find your match. 

16:00 UTC – Leadership and Accessibility
Accessibility is not just a “good to have” feature in today’s world. As builders of the internet, we are obligated to create a better and equal place. In this session, Joe A. Simpson, web creator, speaker and Elementor Community Leader will lead a discussion together with Community Evangelist, Verdi Heinz, about what we can do to push the envelope.


Rounding out the party in the Community Tent for those in the Americas region, Watchful, Bluehost, and GoWP have a wide variety of games, talks, and yoga to work our bodies and our minds, all with a festive twist!


17:00, 20:00 UTC – Taming auto-updates demo
18:00, 21:00 UTC – Agency best-practice chat
19:00, 22:00 UTC – Networking


17:00, 19:00, 21:00 UTC – Open Booth
Come on by and chat about Bluehost, WordPress, or anything website related with Breann McDede, Senior Events Specialist and Devin Sears, Field Marketing Manager.

18:00 UTC – Site Doctor
Stop by with your website and have one of our experts check it out, answer any questions you might have, or offer some suggestions!

20:00 UTC – Yappy Hour 
Bring your pets on by for the Bluehost Yappy Hour! Whether you have a cat, dog, hamster, fish, iguana, bird, or anything else you shower with your affections, bring it on by and show it off!

22:00 UTC – Bluehost Session: Remote Project Management: Tips to Work Better Together From Afar
Stop by and hear different tips and tricks from one of Bluehost’s project managers. Shorter presentation followed by an open Q&A.


17:00 – 23:00 UTC – Open Booth
Swing by for your chance to win a FREE consultation call to discover how outsourcing can grow your agency and increase profits. While there, enter to win an annual subscription to the Headspace app, GoWP t-shirts, hoodies, Yeti mugs, and more! Winners are drawn every hour.

18:00 UTC – Panel Discussion: Selling Your Agency
Featuring Cory Miller and Jeff Meziere of the Business Value Academy, Kristina Romero of WP Care Market Training, and Hans Skillrud of Termageddon

20:00 UTC – Agency Owners Happiness Hour
This week’s topic: Growing your Agency with featured hosts Chris Lema and more.

21:30 UTC – Virtual desk yoga session with Amanda Gorman

GoDaddy Pro Tent

As a Global Partner, GoDaddy Pro will have activities running throughout the entire event in both their individual Sponsor Tent and the Community Tent. 

Community Tent

23:00 (Thursday) – 22:00 (Friday) UTC – Open Topic/Community

GoDaddy Pro Tent

23:00 UTC – Getting Started in WP
00:00 UTC – Getting Started in WP

17:00 UTC – Feedback
17:00 UTC – Analytics/Business
17:00 UTC – eCommerce/email marketing

18:00 UTC – Analytics/Business
18:00 UTC – eCommerce/email marketing

19:00 UTC – Security
19:00 UTC – Analytics/Business
19:00 UTC – eCommerce/email marketing

20:00 UTC – Security
20:00 UTC – Analytics/Business
20:00 UTC – Social Media

21:00 UTC – Content/SEO
21:00 UTC – Analytics/Business
21:00 UTC – Freelancing

22:00 UTC – Content/SEO
22:00 UTC – Analytics/Business
22:00 UTC – Freelancing

Enjoy The Entire 24 Hours

Whatever you’re looking for — from WordPress to well-being — WordFest Live 2021 has you covered. Registration remains open throughout the event, and with it you’ll be able to watch or rewatch any recorded sessions that you missed. That FREE ticket also allows you to globally network and get personal attention from our sponsors. What’s not to love!!

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