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WordFest Live 2021 Fundraising

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Last Updated on 28th October 2021 by Dan Maby

WordFest Live 2021 is a free 24-hour virtual festival, celebrating all that is WordPress.  The team behind it are made up entirely of volunteers.  These volunteers are generously giving their time to support Big Orange Heart, a registered charity with a mission to support and promote positive well-being and mental health within remote working communities. 

When you registered for your ticket to attend, you had the option to make a donation.  These donations go directly to the charity and enable us to continue to deliver free support to those, within our community, of need. 

But we don’t want to stop there when it comes to the option of giving.  We recognise that many of you want to contribute in a variety of ways.  We’ve had some wonderful individuals and companies find unique and interesting ways to support Big Orange Heart.  If we look back at WordCamp US 2019 Allie Nimmons auctioned off a pair of custom made Wapuu earrings. At WordCamp Europe earlier this year, our friends over at Yoast offered a €1 donation for every person that subscribed to their WCEU newsletter.  More recently (just this weekend in fact!) long time friend of BOH; Matt Medeiros offered to review of any WordPress product on his PluginTuts.com, in exchange for a donation.  

These are great examples of people thinking outside the box when it comes to fundraising.  And now we’d love to open the discussion around options for WordFest Live 2021 with you.

As WordFest Live 2021 is a live-streamed 24-hour event, covering four global regions; Oceania, Asia, EMEA and the Americas.  We have the potential for unique opportunities to fundraise together.  

Can you see yourself (or a group of you) spending 24 hours in a bath of beans?  How about joining us for 24-hours via your podcast?  Can a group of you take on a 24-hour yoga session live?  Whatever your ideas are, we can live-stream it, giving attendees a live update on how you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how they can get involved. 

baked beans

We want to encourage you to participate in a safe and responsible way.  If you’re considering taking on a 24-hour challenge, maybe do it with others, so you can share the responsibility and get the rest you’ll need. 

If you have an idea that you’d like to discuss with us, we’d love to hear from you.  We want to talk through the logistics and ensure you’re supported in the best way possible.

How do I fundraise for Big Orange Heart? 

If you’ve not raised funds for Big Orange Heart before and wondering how best to do it, we’ll briefly cover two options here, and we’re open to discussing your thoughts too. 

We’re able to accept donations in the following currencies: $ USD, £ GBP and € EUR.

Facebook Fundraising. 

Facebook Fundraisers are simple to set up and have really simple tools to help you share your campaign with your network.  100% of all the money you raise will go directly to Big Orange Heart. 

If you’ve not created a Facebook Fundraiser before, here is a brief overview of how to set one up: 

This Facebook Help Center article will also help guide you through. 


GoFundMe is a tool designed specifically to support crowdsourced fundraising.  It’s quick and easy to set up and all funds raised go directly to Big Orange Heart.  These are the steps to create a fundraiser on GoFundMe: 

We hope this has inspired you to join the fundraising efforts across WordFest Live 2021.  100% of the money raised will go towards the development of the Big Orange Heart Support Hub.  This will allow for more people to access the support they need, in moments of crisis. 

So what will you do to help fundraise for WordFest Live 2021?

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