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Fused Partners with WordFest Live 2021

Last Updated on 20th November 2020


We’re excited to announce that Fused has partnered with WordFest Live 2021 and will feature across the live event January 22, 2021. 

Fused provides hosting for small & medium sized businesses, charities & organizations using WordPress. Over 5,000 users rely on Fused’s hassle-free migration, nightly backups, 24/7 support, and 99.9%+ guaranteed uptime.

We chatted with David McKendrick from Fused to find out what excited them about partnering with WordFest Live 2021.  This is what they had to day: 

How has Fused adapted to the virtual event environment? 

“Since inception, we’ve been 100% remote, so this year hasn’t been much different than any others. What has changed is the sheer number of children floating around in our offices while they do remote learning.

That’s been both a challenge & a massive reward to see in-person. My children have averaged ~10 zoom calls a day and I’m up to two this year :)”

Do you have anything special planned for WordFest Live 2021 attendees? 

“We do! Fused is offering 25% off any hosting & domains to WordFest Live 2021 attendees. Use the coupon WFL on Fused.com. Plus, we will donate 100% of your first payment to Big Orange Heart.”

What excites you most about the virtual event space? 

“The possibilities! We’re huge fans of in-person events as much as anyone else. Still, events in person have environmental impacts (flight) and often they can be exclusionary to those with families, other responsibilities, or even financial restrictions. Virtual events could help with all of those immensely.”

What’s new or have you got anything coming up, that you can share with us? 

“We’ll see what’s ready by then, but there’s always something exciting brewing, whether it’s fresh coffee or a new WordPress-based sitebuilder.”

WordFest Live 2021 will feature speakers, partners, and attendees from across the globe.  Become part of it now; register for your free ticket, or be featured as a partner.  

What excites you about WordFest Live 2021?  Let us know in the comments below.

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