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Here They Are!!! Welcome the First Round of Speakers For WordFest Live 2021!

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Last Updated on 23rd November 2020 by Michelle Frechette

Today we’re delighted to share with you the first round of WordFest Live 2021 Speakers. We’re so excited to be able to announce this, with so many more to come in the next few weeks!

WordFest Live 2021 Speakers

Join us in celebrating our first of three rounds of speakers (left to right, starting in the top left): Miriam Schwab, Joe A. Simpson Jr., Fatima Sarah Khalid, Chris, Lema, Akshat Choudhary, Tracy Apps, Nick Gulic, and Courtney Robertson.

Want to be a a part of this 24-hour festival, celebrating all that is WordPress and also stay informed with other announcements like these? Registration is now open, and completely FREE. Grab your spot today.

And speaking of grabbing a spot, there are still a few opportunities available to be a sponsor. Head over to the call for sponsors page and get yours now before they’re all gone.

Working with a smaller budget, but still want to give back? We’ve got you covered. Micro sponsorships are a great way to get noticed and do a little more to support the wellbeing of the remote working community.

Can’t wait to see you at WordFest!!!

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