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If there’s one thing in life we can be sure of its change. Change is inevitable, and I’m certainly not the only one with this perspective… 

“Change is inevitablegrowth is optional.”

John C. Maxwell

Well, we have changed, and we’re choosing growth.  

Events that took place in late December 2019 have changed the world for us all.  

Since August 2018 the volunteers that make up the Board of Trustees for Big Orange Heart have discussed the future of the charity. From the beginning, we’ve been highly aware that the daily well-being and mental health challenges that some within the community face, have no relation to the choice of CMS they work with.   

One of the most significant impacting factors for those we have supported over the last two years has been isolation. For many, isolation comes hand-in-hand with working remotely. As a result, the charity is proactively working towards an updated mission statement: 

“To support and promote the positive well-being and mental health of remote working communities.”

Our mission has widened to enable us to replicate the support we’ve delivered to a higher number of people. We have an opportunity and the ability to impact thousands of lives positively.  

With this broader focus comes a new name: 

Big Orange Heart.
Supporting remote… together.

Our peer-support community is made up of hundreds of individuals, impacting the lives of thousands. With more than 4,500 members joining in the last 12 months we have an opportunity to go on to help improve the lives of millions. 

We had always planned to pivot Big Orange Heart to enable us to support more people. This plan had seen the charity functioning for a minimum of three years before the change was to be implemented. But in response to the current global crisis, the wider team behind the charity have worked tirelessly over the last two months to bring this change about now.  

We have seen an increase of more than 300% in terms of demand for the service provided by the charity. This, coupled with a downturn of more than 90% in public donations, has demanded an unprecedented response to ensure it’s longevity. 

In two years, the charity has provided support, we have seen a substantially large number of remote workers, including those from distributed teams, solo business owners and freelancers. These are people that may not have the most structured support network around them. 

Big Orange Heart works hard to become that support network. The place to turn to for advice and education when challenges concerning well-being or mental health present themselves. Be that for your well-being or those of your team. Our team is here for you. 

We understand the remote working model, and we also understand the challenges it can bring about to your well-being, so we’re here for you.  

Supporting remote… together. 

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