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Small things to make a positive change #3 – Mental Health


For some of us that work from home, getting dressed might fall into this category, although for others this may be a big step. Falling into the routine of staying in a dressing-gown or pj’s whilst working can inadvertently have a negative impact on the way we view our circumstances. Particularly if there are others around us, the “you’re not working, you’re just messing around on the laptop” mentality can creep in and lead to resentment.

Taking the steps to get yourself dressed before entering work mode can have a very positive impact. For some, it can even be the clothes they wear, that impact their way of thinking.

It may even be what you wear, if the getting dressed is not the issue. Perhaps wearing something just a little more business-like can make a difference to how we feel, even is just sometimes. Or having our own dress-down Fridays if we have the habit of more formal dress.

What we wear can make a difference to how we feel, and it may be that difference that can boost us.

Photo by Kristin Brown on Unsplash

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